Sunday, June 2, 2013

Angel on Earth : Ryan Guzman

Ryan Guzman
Born 21 September 1987 at Abilane Texas USA, with a Mexican father and European-American mother. Moved to Sacramento California at young age, his mother native city.

Before he began acting, Guzman started out as a model with Look Model Agency and has modeled for “Calvin Klein”. He’s also a martial arts fighter and dancer.

Guzman stepped out of his comfort zone when he made his acting debut in the dance movie “Step Up Revolution” (2012) alongside fellow newcomer Kathryn McCormick.

Guzman is tipped for big things after being dubbed “the next Channing Tatum”, with some predicting he could follow Tatum’s footsteps to super stardom.

As Sean in Step Up Revolution (2012)
What i like the most about the film is his shirtless scene.. wow

Ryan with Kathryn McCormick in Step Up Revolution

don't forget he has mexican blood... hot latino


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